Paul Toseland MA PhD

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Paul Toseland is an independent researcher, specialising in Saint Paul's Corinthian Correspondence. He was born in Leeds, England in 1953. In 1968 he was partially blinded in a rock fight, and since 2001 has been registered blind. He was raised by Methodist parents, but became a believer when confronted by the Risen Lord in a vision in 1977. Though he greatly misses the Anglican Communion he is thoroughly ecumenical, and is currently a member of a Baptist fellowship.

Paul read mathematics at Trinity College Cambridge (1972-75), and theology/biblical studies at Trinity College Bristol. His doctoral dissertation (1999), 'The Corinthian Crisis: A reconstruction of the events leading up to the composition of the Letter of Tears and of 2 Corinthians', was written in Bristol, under the direction of Professor John Nolland.

Paul is married, with three adult children.